NO. NO. Really?!

According to WordPress, I haven’t posted since April 22nd. It’s August 26th. What?! If I weren’t seeing it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. Maybe my eyes are lying. Four months? Really?!

Last time I dropped ’round these parts, I talked about yoga – trying to attend regularly, trying to have a healthy attitude around my own limitations, around challenging myself and pushing myself to stick with it and get better. I’m pretty pleased to report that it’s been going really well; in addition to 1-3 yoga classes per week, I also take barre, pilates and spin classes. The number on the scale hasn’t moved much, but that’s not the point, right? I’m way healthier and way stronger than I was a year ago… Even than I was four months ago. The Dude poked my stomach the other day (we’re children who like to irritate and annoy each other for fun), and said, “Whoa, you’ve got some abs, there!” WHY YES. WHY YES I DO THANK YOU FOR NOTICING.

Overall, this has been a pretty great summer. Lots of little trips, lots of enjoying the outdoors… Lots of smiling faces. And ice cream. Plenty of ice cream.


So while this is usually the time of year that I can’t wait for Autumn, I’m trying to pump the brakes a little bit and enjoy these final few days and weeks. I’m – of course – excited to up my latte and scarf game again this year, but I’m looking to glide rather than jump right in to the chillier weather. We’ll see if Mama Nature grants me this wish… I did have my first soy chai of the season this past weekend, though, so I’m prepared, no matter what. (Starbucks is apparently all it takes to be “prepared.” That’s probably not true, and probably something I should rethink… Like. Where are my boots, anyway..?)

The Dude and I have also spent the summer making some big, big plans – major relocation plans. So while I’m being a little bit stingy and grabby with the info at this point and keeping the details close, I see this blog getting a lot busier as I get used to a new city, a new job and a new home.

Positive vibes our way would not be rejected – maybe pray that my office-organizational skills kick in and help us through this next transition! (Just asking for the simple things, here, folks. Just asking for the simple things.)


Twenty-four hour recap

Who says there’s not enough time in a day?

So, between today and yesterday:

:: New England had more snow! MORE SNOW HELP US OH LORD. My TimeHop tells me that on this day in March of 2012, it was almost 60 degrees. When I woke up this morning, the “Real Feel” was 1. ONE. SHUT YOUR FOOL MOUTH, ACCUWEATHER. (But really, thank you for preparing me for the icy misery that lay ahead.)

:: HOWEVER, it was also super-sunny when I woke up this morning, just after 6am. I was almost tempted to actually get out of my bed. Lest you think I regularly wake up that early. Bless all of you morning folks. BLESS YOU.

:: Something else really sweet happened when I woke up this morning… Want to know what it was? MY STIFF NECK IS WHAT IT WAS. My peppy blog post about Kayla Itsines’ BBG program did not foreshadow the utter madness that would be my sore and aching upper back muscles two days after arms & abs. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where there’s that kind of time-release pain. It just seems deceitful.

:: Here’s the real doozy of this list: my apartment building was broken into! HOORAY! (Not really “hooray,” not “hooray” at all, in fact.) My neighbor caught him red-handed, and the guy jumped into his black Hummer (HIS BLACK HUMMER NO ONE WILL EVER NOTICE YOU IN THAT GOOD CHOICE) and sped off. The police say they have a good idea of who he is; in fact, they’d noticed the car pass them a few streets over right before the call was dispatched. …They noticed him. BECAUSE YOU NOTICE PEOPLE IN HUMMERS. I like to think that if I ever decided to break bad, I’d be much smarter about it. (Really though, I’d probably just trip all over myself and end up in jail after five disastrous minutes.)

But then, there’s always this:


So at the end of the day, things are just normal around here, really.

In which I feel grateful for (not-so-)small things

1. I just nominated a former student for a $10,000 award from the Colin Higgins Foundation. This young man brings such love and light to each of his various communities, and I’m thankful to have been part one of those. I got a little misty writing it out, I won’t lie. It’s pretty awesome that my job lets me interact with such promising and very special young people.

2. I saw my therapist this morning, a woman who I think is just one of the sweetest, sparkliest humans on this planet, and it was just the tweak I needed. She reminds me that it’s okay to ask for help and that it’s okay to listen to advice – but that it’s also completely necessary to listen to my own heart and my own body. (Thank you, ma’am, I will sign that check happily.)

3. I’ve been on the hunt for affordable, comfortable and reliable black boots since October, and it’s been a struggle. (Apparently, the pirate-wench look is really in style. Whoa, with the buckles and flaps.) Jean at Extra Petite raved about these BP “Transit” boots, which finally went on sale a couple of weeks ago at Nordstrom. I’ve had them for three days, and I’ve already worn them as many times. (I really needed black boots.) The shaft is super fitted, which is a problem I’ve never experienced before, but they’re really sleek-looking and quiet when I’m walking on the hardwood floors in my office (score!). I’m more than happy to forego thick socks in favor of knee-highs to be able to rock these.

4. This silly bean. Always.

jasper-sillytable(He’s a total Mama’s boy, and I think we’re both okay with that.)

Happy Friday, friends!