in which i think about how it’s winter. and ugh.

So I used to really despise Valentine’s Day. I mean, high school-style despise, maybe even wear black just to get some kicks. I once wore sparkly eyeshadow and then felt a deep self-loathing.

But then I started getting older and achier, and I started realizing how much January, February and March absolutely and totally suck in New England; they are gray, and they are cold, and everything – everything, y’all – is enormously dead. It’s really some depressing stuff. So I got to liking Valentine’s Day and all of its red and pink and sparkle. I’ve been known to throw a girls’ party or two. (I’ve been known to plan even more, but let’s be real, they don’t always happen.)

And then… Then came Pinterest. And God help us all. I’ve done some really fun Valentine’s crafts over the past handful of years – but I’ve also moved like three times. And things tend to go missing. I miss them, and I think it’s high time to create a few more.

A few I’m considering:


Clockwise from left: One, two, three, four, five

So that’s my plan for staying a little warmer this next month – Valentine’s Day crafts. And lots of hot cocoa. And coffee. And blankets and probably a good amount of fleece from Old Navy.

Ain’t no one solution, and I think we all know that. Oh, winter. I’m sending so much “blergh” your way.